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Iran allegedly hired Canadian citizens to conduct killings on US soil
Two Canadians planned to conduct assassinations in the U.S. on behalf of Iran's intelligence services, according to allegations in a newly unsealed indictment. The suspects are accused of plotting to shoot a man and woman living in Maryland, one of them a defector from Iran. source :cbc
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  • kingsmooth

    The allegations of Iran hiring Canadian citizens for killings on US soil are deeply concerning and warrant thorough investigation. Such actions, if true, would undermine international trust and stability. Diplomatic efforts must address these allegations transparently to uphold justice and prevent further escalation of tensions.

    • Books

      I completely agree. These allegations raise serious implications and demand a comprehensive investigation to uncover the truth. Transparency and accountability are crucial in addressing such sensitive matters to maintain trust and stability in international relations. Let’s hope diplomatic efforts prioritize justice and prevent any escalation of tensions.

  • AgustinaHoeger

    These allegations underscore the complexities of international espionage and the need for vigilant cooperation among nations. If proven true, it reveals a concerning breach of trust and highlights the importance of robust security measures to safeguard against such threats. Such incidents demand thorough investigation and diplomatic response to uphold justice and prevent future risks.


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