Submit Members Only Content

Submitting members only content is a unique and easy way to earn cash flow for your content. Just follow a few simple steps.

  1. Have your account set up on the memberships menu. This is done by contacting us on the Contact us page. Once set up your channel title will appear on the memberships page where user can purchase access to your content.
  2. Upload your content to the portal.  Once the upload is complete head over to your channel and view your videos.  You will  then have access to your post.  This is where you will select the post you want to restrict only to your memebers by selecting your channel on the menu to the right of the page.
  3. All funds are sent using paypal (you will need a paypal accout) to the email address listed on your profile. This means  your profile protected at all times is of the up most of importance.
  4. TAGS TAGS TAGS TAGS. Remember that the more tags you have noted the easier it is for search engines to located you Vu. Use as many tags as possible.