Brittany Renner tells her side of NBA relationship drama with P.J. Washington

Brittany Renner is setting the record straight about her broken relationship with Hornets star PJ Washington.

During an appearance on the “Off the Record” podcast with DJ Akademiks, Renner denied recent rumors that she had a child with Washington to “bamboozle” him for money.

News of the split came in July, when the Kentucky product launched a series of tweets about someone “faking it all along,” among other cryptic messages. Fans were quick to accuse Renner of “seducing” and “trapping” Washington.

“That was his choice. I don’t have to leg-lock n—as… that child was planned,” Renner said of the ex-couple’s son, Paul Jermaine Washington III.

“You asked me to move in with you. You wanted me to have your child at 22-years-old. And here we are. I told you, ‘I’m ok to wait. I’m not in a rush,’” Renner explained about Washington, who turned 23 in August.

“You’re old enough to ride this ride. You want to f–k with me… so why are we babying men that are making a decision for themselves. I was on birth control up until I had a conversation with my baby father… I have no reason to lie about anything that I have done or the person that I am and I believe in full transparency.”


Renner said she met Washington when she was 26. He invited her to watch him play basketball for the University of Kentucky. Renner and Washington’s relationship drama has been a hot topic since the summer when it was rumored that Washington was paying the model up to $200k per month in child support. At the time, Washington tweeted “stop the [lies],” using a cap emoji.

“I’ve always been in it for true love… I thought that was my guy,” Renner said, adding that, at one point, she was thought she would marry Washington.

“I’ve been with men with way more money… if I was truly trying to cash out, I would’ve cashed out five-six years ago with men with a lot more,” said Renner, who’s been linked to a number of celebrities and athletes, including James Harden, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Jamal Murray, Ben Simmons, Trey Songz, Chris Brown and Colin Kaepernick.


Renner went on to stress that the son she shares with Washington was not an “oops baby,” and that the former first-round pick is “not a good partner” in a relationship.

“No one’s been finessed, no one’s been bamboozled,” she said.

Renner promoted the interview on her Instagram page, which has nearly five million followers. She also said she is in the process of creating her own podcast and writing a book.

Washington has not yet responded publicly to Renner’s comments.